Planning for unrest Part 2

 You’ve read part one…..where I discussed medication and food and other supplies and mentioned Social Unrest.

Plan accordingly when it comes to your food supply and other stuff you can put aside for if and when. Food, paper products, gasoline….ammunition. 

Lets talk about food. You should already have a 90 day supply of staples in your home, just on general principles. If you don’t , start VERY soon acquiring those items. If you do have that stash, however, it might be a good time to add to those. Make sure you have checked your preps, looked for holes in your preps, and fill those holes. Perhaps take the time to extend those from 90 to 180 days. Remember, most grocery distribution warehouses are in larger (and often Blue) cities. Expect that to be where the unrest is. It doesn’t take many people to block the roads leading to those warehouses. 

Might even be worthwhile to add some to your freezer preps. While it could be that there will be enough social unrest to make a reliable electricity supply unsure, having food in your freezer might not be a bad idea. Frozen vegetables aren’t that expensive and can contribute to you overall health. If you lose a hundred dollars worth of frozen food because your power goes out, at least you can eat some of it for a day or three before it spoils……

Paper products are shelf stable….So stock up when you find ’em (if you can find em).  Maybe don’t clear the shelves, but have a 90+ day supply. Be a little greedy.  Caned food is easy to store, under beds, bottoms of closets, behind other things on shelves. It is shelf stable for years and you can hide it or stack it anywhere. Be smart, stock the canned foods that you already eat (again, if you can find ’em).  

Maybe buy an extra couple of gas cans……and fill them a week or two before the election. Buy some gas stabilizer perhaps (I like Pri-G  stabilizer but there are others). Make sure you have enough to meet your basic needs for a few months. Again, in lots of places, the refineries/tank farms are in places near larger cities, where the protests riots are likely…or where such riots might block the roads leading to the tank farm. Plan for limited supplies for a month or two. 

Ammunition: At this point, of you don’t have it, yer likely not gonna find any. But if you do, buy it. You might need to use it to keep your preps or defend your home.  Ammo doesn’t spoil. Expensive ammo is still better than no ammo. 

It is a shame that we have allowed a small minority of leftists and anarchists to challenge and disrupt  our way of life….but the Blue governments in many cities, probably sympathetic to their cause, have indeed allowed them to flourish…so we have to deal with them until the rest of our citizens demand that it stop…or take action to stop the anarchists themselves. 

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  1. I can't believe I let myself get caught short on 300BLK subsonic. And there is none, I repeat, none to be had. There is a local gun show in a couple of weeks, first one since Wuflu arrived. I'm hoping there might be some there.

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