Of all the protests

 Only the one for Breonna Taylor has any real validity. 

The sad part is that were it not for the false memes and faux outrage for the the others “deaths by police”…(I mean the George Floyd incident and the  Jacob Blake incident and all the previous ones where the outrage was carefully manufactured), she’d likely get some real justice. 

Of course, Justice is not what the folks that fomented this want, is it? 

 ETA: Divemedic has some other viewpoints …see comments

7 thoughts on “Of all the protests

  1. Could certainly be validity for Brenna Taylor protests. I'm certain there have been many other unjustified police shootings as well. But that is the whole point… that police violence in regards to arresting suspects be judged like any other case – on the evidence pertinent to each specific instance. Not be judged default as unjustified, nor judged default as justified.

    I remember during the Michal Brown/Darren Warren incident hearing those often – were Warren's actions unjustified or justified. I don't hear either side use that language anymore. On the left the argument is that police-violence is never justified. You get Rayshard Brooks literally attacking officers, getting one of them on the ground and pummelling him from above, stealing an officers taser, attempting to use it against them, running off with the taser still in hand. And there is ample video evidence showing Brook's action; no fog of war or debate over what Brooks' did. Yet even in this case the left says the shooting was not justified (although, again, they term "justified" is not actually used in the discussion). Sadly, the right doesn't bring the debate back to "Let's examine the evidence case by case and determine if the shooting was justified or not" Instead I'm seeing the right allow the left to frame the debate and follow their lead.

  2. Yeah, and when I did say that, I got trashed by Glen Filthie for saying we should wait for judgement.
    And he is supposedly on our side.

    And that is part of why we are where we are.

    Having said that, VERY few of these "Victims" are choirboys.

  3. Yup. The address that was no-knocked was one of 4 that the Police were search warranting, all related to Ms. Taylor's semi-ex-boyfriend (whom she still dealt for, held cash for, still 'dated' and such. And the new boyfriend was a 'playa.'

    And new boyfriend shot a cop, the cops shot back, Ms. Innocente Taylor got caught in a crossfire. So if she's so innocent, why did she have $23,000 in cash? Hmmm…

  4. and why did the cops find a dead guy in her rental car? a rental when she owned a new car? lay with dogs, get fleas. sometimes the fleas bite.

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