NFL fans tired of Social Justice

 They just want to see football.

They are tired of Social Justice Posturing, tired of symbolism, and just tired of the bullshit. 

So when the Texans and the Chiefs did their stupid posturing, the fans BOOED them. Fans that had paid to be there and see the game. 

The left, as seen in the link, is losing it’s MIND over the fact that fans would not support such Social Justice Posturing. 

Does the NFL really think that this will end well? 

6 thoughts on “NFL fans tired of Social Justice

  1. Don't buy any of their game tickets or T-shirts etc. See how long it takes for the owners to come back to reality.

  2. Black "men," being paid multi-millions to PLAY A GAME, among the richest black men… hell; among the richest men PERIOD on Earth, pussyfarting about the whiyet mayen keepin' 'em DOWN! Kiss my ass, kids… Find someone else to watch you take a knee…

  3. Twas the hour before an NFL kick-off, when all through the country,
    hardly a patriotic person was watching, because of kneeling, selfish, and overpaid simian monkeys.
    Their hatred for America, the flag, and for all the good that America stood,
    was on full display, and those fans with the money, now understood.
    These BLM communist hate us all and we can't change that,
    but we can take our money elsewhere,
    and be had a better time than insulted with leftist political crap.
    We came to be entertained, and take a break from the weekly grind,
    but you will simply not allow us to have a good time.
    We are not and ever 'da rasis', but you have forced our hand.
    We will simply find better things to do on a Sunday afternoon.
    So take heart oppressed players in your empty stadiums and reduced income to,
    Good riddance and may every America hating sportsball player go bankrupt and soon.
    Try making that kind of bank in Africa or Europe or anywhere, but it can only happen in
    America where some dreams can still come true.

  4. I was a big NFL fan, and I am still a Panthers fan but I do not watch them
    anymore. As long as the NFL embraces the Marist/ Socialist protestor criminals, the arsonists, looters, murder supporters of BLM; there is NO
    PLACE in my life to support the NFL.

  5. PS Google can flat go to hell for trying censor eyeryones comments that
    do not agree with the "Great and Powerful Left Wing Goofballs" of Google.

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