Kinda findin’ it hard to feel sorrow

 for any of the people dead at any of the recent “Protests”.

I mean, did ya think it was gonna be all hosannas and welcoming arms? Have a beer and let’s sit and talk out or differences? 

Aaron J. Danielson was killed in Portland. He came to an area and had to know that it was dangerous. He was looking for a fight and found one. 

Same same Kyle Rittenhouse. He may be a kid, and he may not have intended to be chased by the Mob and have to defend himself and shoot and kill 2 men and wound another, but he should have been smarter (even as a 17 year old) than to be alone in that crowd. Stayed where he was until morning. He didn’t. He found more than he bargained for, but he should have been smarter. 

Same thing with the three lowlifes he shot. They weren’t there to hand out flyers.  

“Don’t want none, don’t bring none”.

The best way to not get shot is to not be where there is trouble. 

All those folks were where smart people weren’t. Most of them went looking for trouble. They may have found more trouble than they planned to find, but they were’s innocent, either. 

7 thoughts on “Kinda findin’ it hard to feel sorrow

  1. you can't hide in your basement on this one. if somebody doesn't step up, they will eventually find you and your strategy for survival will fail. the last several generations have kicked this can until it landed in our road. we can go no further until its dealt with, or be run over by it. kyle had every right as an American to be there. he wasn't alone, not until he took off. that was his only mistake, but his battle buddies should have had his back either way and that was their mistake not his. the same with the Portland incident. time to come out from under our rocks and be men. its gonna suck, but it has to be done. embrace the suck.

  2. Rule of thumb. Don't go where there is trouble. Then you're NOT involved in said trouble. Period.

  3. These riots are like the rumbles of gangs. There's a lot of posturing, name calling, knifing, and an occasional shooting. It's not war. If it was, those coming armed would have a strategy, find their enemy, and destroy them where they're found. This would continue, until the enemy is eliminated, or doesn't have the willingness to fight any longer. Bystanders in the fight would only be collateral damage.

  4. Riverrider: DO you really think that shooting at people with paintball guns from the back of a pickup truck is doing more than looking for trouble?

    Do you think that wandering around in a mob (of opposing people) by yourself with a rifle is gonna make any difference?

    Both of those examples are of someone looking for a bit of trouble.
    Neither of them was gonna make a difference with the riots or the rioters.

    If yer gonna fight, then have a real fight. Or stay forted up where you can defend. GOing to a riot,no matter which side you are on however, shows that you are looking for trouble. Sometimes you have no choice, and must defend your property or family. In both of the above instances, there WAS a choice.

    I'm not saying "hide in your basement". I'm saying don't go looking for trouble. These folks did go Looking for it. They found it. I doubt if they are happy with the results.
    Are *you* standing on the front line (taking your own advice?) or are you blowing hot air? Are you stepping up and standing in defiance of the Mob? If so, I expect that we will be seeing you and your "battle Buddies" soon in the news, one way or another. So far, I haven't seen that. If you do take your own advice, have someone let us know, and I will toss a few dollars into your bail fund.

  5. At some point, we have to stand up and say "ENOUGH!" These guys did. They're only the beginning.

    No one wants a conflict, but this isn't going to go away by itself… Dad never wanted me to start a fight, but had no problem with me fighting back. …It's time…

  6. yeah portland was stupid, and kyle's battle buddies let him down at the end. but they DID something. yes, i'm doing something in my area. and yes i Have stood on the front line and been in the middle in some cases. i was a cop for a bit, then military for 29 years, still train and train others as i can. i'm old and injured and can't run and gun like i used to, not even close. up to this point my rule number one has been the same as yours, but this is different and we need to recognize that and take action. btw, so far this hasn't come to my region nor state but it will and when we take action, you won't know it any more than they do. we don't work that way.

  7. As the late 'ol Remus advised at the end of EVERY edition of The Woodpile Report: "Stay away from crowds".

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