And we have proof that both sides are weasels

 So last time, when the positions were reversed, it was one side saying that the nomination (and subsequent acceptance) of the next Supreme Court Justice should wait until after the election.

Essentially, both sides have started parroting the other’s arguments from when they were on the other side. 

Does no politician have any principles? No integrity? 

Naive of me, perhaps, but I do expect some minimal level of integrity out of my politicians. 

Not so today though. 

Sad. And disgusting. 

All for some power and leverage. 

2 thoughts on “And we have proof that both sides are weasels

  1. Expecting a politician to have morals is like expecting a dog not to piss on a lamppost

  2. I was taught that a person should aspire to high standards in life, in order to accomplish things that matter.
    Now Im old and it seems what a person REally needs to get ahead in life is to aspire to the Highest Double Standard..
    I never made it, folks,,

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