SO which part of her is “Black”?

 I mean, everyone is going on and on how she is the first “Woman of Color” Vice President candidate..

But other than having sorta brownish skin, what color is she? She isn’t African, except partly through some of her fathers’s ancestors. He was from British Jamaica…

It isn’t from her mother, she is from India. 

(here for some background)

She isn’t, except for the shade of her skin, an “American” black person. Certainly not an “African-American”. 

But I guess to those DNC Liberals, all people that are darker than them are all the same….These are the same folks that think that we need lesser standards for non-whites, after all. 

2 thoughts on “SO which part of her is “Black”?

  1. "She isn't African, except partly through some of her fathers's ancestors."

    "except for the shade of her skin"

    Down here where I live (Georgia), that's all it takes to be considered a person of color, and it certainly isn't the DNC Liberals making that determination.

    And the RNC types will pound home two things down here during the campaign: first, Harris is a woman of color, and second, if you elect Joe Biden, he will be all that separates her (a woman of color) from the presidency.


  2. Which part of her is black ? I would say HER SOUL.
    The only good communist is a dead communist.

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