A damned good question.

Of course, the Left and the Media (But I repeat myself) have never been known for their consistency, have they. 

I mean, if they didn’t have Double Standards, they’d have no standards at all……

3 thoughts on “A damned good question.

  1. The problem with Fat in Indiana's logic is that President Trump wasn't labeled a bigot and a racist solely on the endorsements of white supremacist groups. Trump has a history of discrimination towards minorities regarding his rental property practices. His company has been sued numerous times, and he's paid a shit-ton of money to avoid admitting any wrongdoing. Show me some evidence of direct connections between Biden and the communist party (preferential treatment, etc.), and you might have something there.

    And speaking of double standards, not too long ago in a post titled "Perspective:" you stated, "According to the Second City Cop blog, more people have died in the city of Chicago from gunshot wounds than from Covid 19…." Accept that is not what Second City Cop's blog said. You left out some very important qualifiers, and in doing so, completely mischaracterized Second City Cop's post.

    (I'd be more than happy to post other examples of this from your blog, if you'd like.)

    Maybe slow down on the double standard accusations.


  2. Or you could take your own advice, CP.

    I'm simply using your own methods. So is Joe.

    (and I linked to the SSC blog article so folks could read for themselves….I wasn't wrong in what I wrote either)

  3. I didn't say you were wrong. I used the word "mischaracterized," something you whine mightily about when the mainstream media does it.

    And if you wanna keep thinking I'm CP88, well that IS something you're wrong about.


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