Just to get this out front:

Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself.

Seems that she is in the custody of the FBI and is being questioned.

I fully expect a 737 MAX to “accidentally” fall out of the sky and strike directly where she ins currently incarcerated….Or some other, equally unlikely form of Arkancide Maybe a falling iciccle or something.
We should start a pool. Date (maybe week?) and method of “accidental suicide”….
$50 a square and all the other rules would apply.

As an aside:
I have a question…where were the parents of these young girls who were supposedly taken to the island and plied for their sexual favors? What parent in their right mind allows their 16 year old(ish) daughter to go off on an hours long flight for a long weekend party on a private island with an older man? 

And if this was so traumatic for these girls, why did so many of them go again and again? 

Wouldn’t the parents also be responsible criminally for allowing their daughter to travel to the “Island” with a man as old as Epstein? Surely they didn’t think their nubile young daughters were going just to play board games…..

Enquiring minds want to know, and all that.

6 thoughts on “Just to get this out front:

  1. Yeah, Rat's right. By blaming the victim, you lose any claim to being in the middle of the right. It's apparent that these twisted filth had a very organized scheme that they were able to perpetrate effectively over and over again. They were not successful based simply on the stupidity or willingness of their victims. As to the repeated occurrences with the same girls, intimidation and shame can be very powerful psychological weapons, especially when used against children.

  2. OK, But how about the parents? Explain their allowing their little girls to travel to a remote island in the company of a man old enough to be their father?

    I don't blame the victim, I just wondered how it could be that all these young ladies voluntarily went again and again to the island to be party hostesses? I can't buy intimidation and shame for the return visits. Silence after the first trip, maybe. going back over and over? Nope. Manipulating them to go the first time, yeah, that I can blame Epstein and company for. The return trips?
    Make no mistake, I hope he rots in hell for this. (and Ms Maxwell too). But if these girls went back time and time again, with weeks in between, it couldn't have been all that bad.

    Oh, and Rat? Fuck off. It is a valid question. If that bothers you, then go find another blog.

  3. I got my money on Wednesday July 8 at 8:25 pm for her suicide.

  4. Young preteen and teen girls are very susceptible to threats. I have pictures and I'll show them to the boys at school or to your parents, grandparents. That guarantees they'll be back. A 14 year old doesn't think logically, if I tell someone, then he'll be arrested, is not in their wheelhouse at that stage of development. If the girls are runaways then the thought of money, clothes, food and not sleeping on the street can be very powerful. If mom and dad are in the picture then yes they have some answering to do.

  5. Squeeky:

    The parent WERE in the Picture in these cases. And these girls went to the island multiple times, With passports. So some parent or guardian had to help them get the passport.

    These wren't runaways or street girls.

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