Have you noticed?

The Media tells us the number of CASES of coronavirus, but seldom tells us the number of TESTS that were performed to get that number.
Nor do they tell us the PERCENTAGE of POSITIVE tests.

HERE is a chart (you will have to follow the link, I am unable to embed it) showing the percentage of positive testing. Now, note that the percentage has come down. There may be a number of factors, one that might be a large cause is that people who got the testing early were those who were pretty much already showing possible symptoms and were largely getting the test to confirm an already existing diagnosis of Corona.

Having said that, note how the percentage of positive cases has fallen. from a high of 22 percent in late March to a low of about 4.5% in mid June….Right now we are a bit more than 8.5% positive. More data points gives us a much better data set. We can now see that Covid isn’t the threat it was once thought to be.

But the media doesn’t bother to tell you that, do they? Instead, the use the numbers to generate fear, by telling you the higher number of CASES….and telling you (lying, really) that the hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed, when that is just not true.

Why don’t they give the truth? Why enegender fear? I can only think that it is to help keep the US population afraid, and in hiding, in order to damage the economy…..For political reason that you can figure out for yourself.

Remember, we have already Flattened the Curve…for well over 2 weeks. Either they were lying to us then, or they are lying to us now.

5 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. both. and my idiot govna who must be the worst doctor in the world is going to throw us back into "lockdown". where i live it never was lockdown, we just couldn't eat out. everything else went on and the more the libs screamed masks! the less we wear them. he needs to be reminded of Patrick henry vs. lord Dunmore, or in this case lord dumbmore.

  2. 'Sounds like we both live in the same land of fruits and nuts. Remember what this place was like… when it was red?…

  3. pete, most of it's still red. over 95% 2a sanctuary, "no local gun control" movement taking hold. lord northam dare not leave his lib strongholds, even in mask. things are looking up here, if we can keep them from cheating too much in November. if they do, we'll know and the reaction won't be pretty. if they pass new gun laws in august it won't be pretty. one more so called lockdown it won't be pretty. out here in the free part of the state revolt is in the air. many are looking for that last straw to fall on their backs. sic semper tyrannis.

  4. The John Hopkins State by State couldn't be further from our numbers in Ky so as to be comparing apples and a steak. Hopkins show testing at 9,806 and Ky gov. site shows test at 480,372 with deaths of 629 and a positivity rate of 4.35%. Hopkins show deaths of 434 while Ky is showing 629. Why the wide variance. I live in a large county of 35,000
    and we've gone from a little over a hundred cases to now over 300 in that one week.

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