Because Black Lives (don’t) Matter

Seems that those folks on the South Side of Chicago don’t really believe that Black Lives Matter.

So there was a funeral in Auburn-Gresham……for a gang banger that had been shot a few days earlier in a nearly neighborhood (Englewood)….

And some critters drove past the funeral home and unloaded their heaters into the crowd…..Some of whom shot back.

So…lessee here: Black people shot indiscriminately into a crowd of…black people.….At least 60 shots fired…It is doubtful that any of the folks involved had legal possession of those firearms, BTW….Not in Illinois.

Attempted murder, at best. So far, due to the wonderful hospitals near the area no one has died….(the hospitals get LOTS of practice with gunshot wounds). 14 people shot, some in serious condition.

And that is but one of the many shootings of black people by other black people this year in Chicago.

Note: No cops involved in this shooting (except for cleanup and report taking afterwards)

But Black Lives Matter. Sure they do. Just not to black people when it isn’t done by a white cop or a white southern man…. Black people have killed more black people in the South Side of Chicago this year than all the police in the United States this year.

We won’t even discuss the 3 year old shot a few miles away later that same day…

But we gotta riot when a career criminal dies while resisting arrest (when it is a white cop, anyway).