Smashing MLK

(let me be clear, up front….I DO NOT advocate the destruction of ANY monuments nor statues)

So if I were so inclined, would the police stand by and allow me to smash, pull down , deface with paint, or otherwise vandalize the MLK statue in Washington DC?

Or, if that one is too sacred (and protected because it is on Federal property….)

Then can I deface, smash, break, topple or spray-paint graffiti on this one in Atlanta? That one should be fair game, as the Confederate statues were also on State Property…..

(All those Confederate (and other) statues that were destroyed over these past few weeks by Black Lives Matter “protesters” were on state or city property)

Why no arrests for this wanton destruction of public property? Would there be arrests if the MLK statues were destroyed in a similar manner?

Why is it OK for some people to destroy some statues?
Where are the police? Why aren’t they stopping this? Is someone in charge keeping them from intervening? If so, who?….and why?

If some “rednecks”, flying Confederate flags from the backs of pickup trucks drove into the Georgia State Capitol grounds and put a chain around the neck of the MLK statue and pulled it off the pedestal and took sledgehammers and broke the casting….would they be arrested and (hopefully) prosecuted? *(Hint: the only thing that prevents this from happening RIGHT NOW is the respect for the rule of law)…

If not, then what is the difference? Or is it simply that some forms of protest are approved and others are not? Some groups have “approved grievances” and methods of expressing it while others do not? Who decides what is approved?

Why is vandalism allowed in many cities when it is a protest by liberal groups? 

2 thoughts on “Smashing MLK

  1. You have to give up on the idea that you will ever own the liberals or shame them with their double standards. They don’t care. Racism is only a problem when conservatives do it. Or they can accuse them of it and make it stick. As we’ve seen, whether the perps are guilty or not doesn’t matter. The left is now waging a holy war and have authorized themselves to lie, steel, burn, loot… whatever it takes to win. People like you are only props for them. They are the stars of their own morality play where they can pose as heroes, noble victims, and even martyrs.

    As one of my favourite bloggers says… this will not end well.

  2. If they did that, the protests would be immense and the protest group BSM would be formed and people would be all up in arms about racism, hatred and altering history etc. After all, in today's world, Black Statues Matter.

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