Protest crowds and Covid

So we see, based on the fact that the protests were and are allowed to go on, that there is no real reason for ANY business to be closed, nor any “Social Distancing” nor any other precautions that we were told were so terribly necessary for our health and the health of our fellow citizens.

That is all out the window now.

What possible excuse is there for any city to keep barber shops, dine-in restaurants, nail salons, gyms, churches, gatherings of more than 10 people, etc., closed or severely restricted?

Why should we continue the (poorly) enforced “social distancing? Hundreds if not thousands, of people have gathered in very close proximity in many municipalities to protest the death of a man they did not know, whose history they knew nothing about, whose death they only know about from an edited cell phone video, yet the government authorities stood by and did nothing. Watched as they marched hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, in protest, violating every “Social Distancing” protocol.

I fully expect that every city and state restriction will soon be lifted, as we have now seen that supposed public health precautions can be overriddeden by Social Justice politics.

Any mayor or governor who does otherwise is a hypocrite. 

One thought on “Protest crowds and Covid

  1. Oh, they'll keep the restrictions going as it's not about hypocrisy, it's about power. The Dem Govs with their lockdowns and arbitrary closures and determinations as to what may or may not open by their command.

    They've got the control and power now and they plan to keep it as long as they can.

    Expect a we must all Ccontinue to do our part" message and open only slowly at their orders out of fear of a "second wave".

    Next, watch how they're going to control how businesses operate for a long time, claiming they must do so until there's a vaccine in place.

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