“Why not?”

I’m not gonna “Lend you a gun” just because some people are rioting 30 miles away.

A Gun is not a talisman. It won’t protect you just by being there.
You have no idea how to use one. Never learned how to safely use one, be it a pistol or a rifle or shotgun.
You have no idea how to use one safely.
You have no clue as to when you can and cannot use one to protect your home, you family or yourself. 

And, honestly, you are likely to hesitate and have it taken away from you. You’d be likely to brandish it to scare people away but not use it when brandishing didn’t scare them off.

So no, I won’t lend you a firearm, of any kind.

Good luck. 

One thought on “No.

  1. Yup, you are 100% right

    Have you been given the "I want to carry it in my car" reason?

    They don't seem to be capable of thinking. If you go back to your vehicle to get your gun, then everything that happens afterward looks like you were the aggressor and the results were premeditated.

    I agree with you.

    Come over. We can shoot a few clay birds or punch holes in paper or tin-cans. And then, if I had a gun, I might sell it to you. Maybe.

    But if you don't have the time to become familiar with the mechanics of hitting your intended target then you nailed it with your observation about magical talismans.

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