Innit interesting

How the message has changed from

 “Justice for George Floyd”


“Defund the police”


I think these folks might not like the result if the Police were “defunded” and there was no police presence in their home neighborhoods.
Especially in the areas where the anger among the denizens is the greatest.

2 thoughts on “Innit interesting

  1. I live in one of the most rural areas of Kommiecticut where most towns have no standing police force. We all only rely on state police. That said, serious crime remains quite low, because it is generally understood that most homes are NSFC (not ssfe for criminals) because the residents are probably armed. In some cases of a home defensive shooting, the police would not he called and the body buried out in the woods or turned into fertilizer.

  2. Why not take it to the next level and defund the fire department too?
    It would make things REAL interesting.

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