I have read the Constitution. Over and over. A copy of it hangs on my hallway wall.

And nowhere in those (to me) sacred words do I see anything that says “These rights are invalid because some person claims an emergency”,

Just sayin’.

There is intelligent choices and smart behavior, but in the end the Federal, State, and local governments don’t get to subvert the Constitution. 

2 thoughts on “Y’know,

  1. Look harder.
    The constitution didn't spring up ab initio, there was common law back to Magna Carta, and before that, back to Roman law under the original republic, which gets cited all the time in SCOTUS cases.

    Quarantine law falls under all of that, and the rights and ability to reasonably restrict your liberties have existed as long as there have been laws.

    You don't get to go to the movie theater with smallpox or measles, or send your kid to school with the chickenpox, just because you can't find mention of it in the BoR, and you're just not "feeling it".

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