Watching the morning Propaganda

Or, as they claim, “News”.

’tis interesting how the media is against “reopening” the country, and is pulling all the stops to stir public opinion against it.

I think the best (if mostly misleading) argument:
“Cases are increasing”. Yes, TESTED cases are, indeed, increasing. A month ago we were testing nearly nobody. Now counties are testing thousands of people a day. Of course “Cases are increasing”. Hospitalizations are not, nor are deaths in most areas…. Inflate the Fear Balloon!

Plus there is this whole disease that is striking some children (they fail, mostly, to point out that  it is EXTREMELY rare) called “Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome“…. if one bothers to read the data on it, it may or may not (probably not) be related to Covid-19. But keep Ratcheting up the Fear!

And then the new fear-word:
“Superspreaders”…seems that some people, in some conditions, can spread the disease farther than normal…say if one sings in a choir or other activities where one comes in contact with a large number of people while breathing hard or otherwise having the opportunity to spread droplets of spit or mucous. Duh. This is not news. But it strikes Fear into the hearts of weenies and sheep-like people.

I cannot help but wonder every day, why the attempt to control and corral the United States Population in this manner. Not only does it appear to be unneeded (the expected rise in cases never happened and a vaccine is still months, if not years away and if you have not been exposed, you will be….simply by buying groceries or doing other “essential” activities over the next few months) when the evidence shows that the “experts” were very, very, wrong in their estimates and predictions about this disease,  (and, really, if it hiding from it even works) and why the attempts to keep the US population corralled and only let some businesses and activities happen and leave others wither. Why the attempt to keep people afraid and to continue to keep people at home and our economy throttled….

Why are the media and the “Authorities” in general trying to keep the country shut down? If one looks at the chart, you can see that things aren’t as bad in most parts of the country .

(Click to biggify)
Yeah, green is 1/3 of the deaths blamed on Covid-19, yellow is another third, red is the rest. Not quite what the media is telling you, izzit?

And I still cannot fully understand the attempted hero-ification of our Nurses and Doctors. Yes, it is a (somewhat) dangerous job, hut it always has been. It is a job that deserves respect. But actually, very few of our medical personnel are actually in contact with ANY Covid related people. Yet the media and some parts of our society seem to think they should be venerated as heroes.

(There are days when, after donning my aluminum fedora, that I wonder if this is not some further attempt to make people (or a segment of our population) more dependent on our government…round after round of “government assistance”. 
Plus there is the whole “Cloward-Piven” strategy that is rearing it’s ugly head in the near future if we still have 25% or more of our people out of work a month from now…….But that is a different discussion for another day).  

5 thoughts on “Watching the morning Propaganda

  1. The constant stream of PSA's put out by Yale-New Haven Health here in Kommiecticut are BEYOND ANNOYING! They are supposed to showcase the sacrifice of healthcare workers and their friends and family, but have become the butt of jokes and are made fun of every time they air. Kind of like the song-n-dance videos put out by the supposedly "overwhelmed" healthcare workers that somehow have time to rehearse and shoot YouTube videos.

  2. Simply put, scared people are easy to steer. Funny; my mom says "Whatever it take to beat this virus!" She's 80 years old. She's lived her whole life in the freedom that's now being taken from us, and that those who come after us will never know. Ge… Thanks Mom!

    …It's not "whatever it takes." It's whatever's being TAKEN!

  3. I am an 80 year old granny and ready to start shooting.
    I was raised free as were my kids and will not lay down like a sheep. Screw that.

  4. Very few medical people are in contact with Wuflu? B, very few of our medical folks are even working. Son-In-Law's mom is an OR nurse. She's been working one day/week or less for weeks. Most of her fellow hospital staff are in the same boat. In a county of 168k with 220-something cases confirmed.

    These people are running Cloward-Priven on the largest scale conceivable. IF they aren't stopped, the US as we know it will meet it's end far before any of us expected.

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