So Ford is advertising

they will have 50,000 ventilators in the next 100 days.

Which is a great thing, except for the fact that we haven’t yet needed all the ventilators we already have.

The reason to make more is…….why? (perhaps just to show off?….part of a propaganda media campaign for “We are all in this together”?)

And if one can bring workers together to make ventilators, then why cant those same workers, properly masked and separated safely make cars in all those shut down plants?

Of course, it could be that no one is buying cars.


2 thoughts on “So Ford is advertising

  1. Here I thought they were making powered respirators for first paramedics etc, but the media has a bad history of confusing respirators and ventilators in both directions.

  2. I included a link where they specifically say "Ventilators for Covid patients".

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