Sad, but true

It has been my plan for many years.

The best answer to ANY question when asked by Law Enforcement of any kind, or anyone connected to them, (or, sadly, to ANY government official, be they a dogcatcher, a Code Enforcement person, a tax official, a boiler inspector, or a clerk at the tax office:

“Attorney”…That is the best (and for me, the only) answer.

Don’t believe me? Read this for inspiration. He’s correct, and not just because our philosophies happen to parallel in this. There is seldom an upside to talking to Federal, state, or local officials,….Especially, but not limited to, Law Enforcement types.

It isn’t just Flynn and Jewell…It’s also Weaver and Koresh and lots of others. It is the attitude of those with that type of power and training. Once you get caught up in their gears, you are screwed.

Don’t let it be you.

Be polite,
Be decent.

Be firm….:”Lawyer“.

One thought on “Sad, but true

  1. Yep! Couple of years ago a cop knocked on my door, when I opened the door first thing out my mouth was I would like a lawyer, cop almost fell down laughing. He was taking donations for the Fraternal Order of Police. Gave him $5.

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