“Money is very germy”

“Cash can carry Covid and other diseases”

So I would expect the new meme to be “Use a BankCard or your Phone” in order to reduce the use of (untraceable) cash.

The IRS and other taxing agencies will LOVE this, They’ve been trying to get rid of cash for years. I fully expect the new meme to soon emerge that you should not use cash for fear of getting “The Covid”

Having said that, I would expect that your plastic bank card would provide a better surface for germs to live, short term,, but would be easier to disinfect than a banknote.

But since folks have gone apeshit for masks (which don’t work/maybe work/only work for professionals/might work for normal people/are mandatory…) you can expect “cashless” to become the next bit of Social Conditioning.

“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” ….will that phrase soon disappear?