Last night we got RAIN

5 inches in 16 minutes. Northwest Indiana.
At one point the electronic rain gauge showed a rain rate of 24 inches per hour.
Total was a bit over 6 inches. Plus tornadoes to the north a few miles.

My bother got two storm cells an hour apart….about 8 inches total. He’s done with rain for a while.

Despite the reporting though, the land here is too flat to give us “Flash Floods”…. Water does rise when that amount of rain falls in such a short time, but it isn’t true Flash Flooding. Not even in the city at the underpasses.

And a hint for folks: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”

If the water is moving, never go deeper than 1/4 of your tire…in other words when the water is deep enough that 1/4 of your tie is underwater, stop, turn around.
If it touches the bottom of your door, then stop, turn around.

Failure to do so can (and often will) lead to massive damage to your car, and can leave you stranded in a low area where the water will continue to rise. 

One thought on “Last night we got RAIN

  1. I suspect that backing out is a better option than turning around.

    Most folks are going to straddle the crown of the road going in.


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