Gotta wonder:

It appears that the 2 idiots who shot Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick Georgia when they accused him of being a thief, despite their stupidity, may have had a reason to follow him.
Note: NOT detain him, nor to confront him, nor shoot him. Once they went beyond following him, they were in the wrong.

However, I cannot help but wonder. Much like the photos of Trayvon Martin depicted him as a cerub faced child, the current photos of Mr Arberry show him about 5  years younger than he was when he was shot, and this makes me wonder if we are again being subjected to a bit of race baiting, using Mr. Arbery as a pawn.

I have no knowledge of his innocence or guilt, and it does appear that the two idiots involved in his shooting were in the wrong. (and I would support them being charged, tried, and, if convicted, being put in prison for murder.

But it makes me wonder….if the press and the black community can’t show him as he was at the time of his death, but rather are attempting to depict him as a much younger, much more innocent man, a kid even….are they trying to hide something???, much as they attempted to hide the fact that Trayvon Martin was a serious thug. It would seem so. At least they are trying to depict him as something he is not….and I gotta ask why that is? Are they ashamed of what he was?

I’d really like to know.

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  1. It's simply not allowing a crisis to go to waste. The New American Way, it seems.

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