So the folks on the South Side decided, since the weather for the evening was warm and dry, it was time for street parties. Ladies dressing up and shakin’ their shit. men watching, everyone having a drink or two….**

Hundreds of people, mostly black, chose to have street parties Saturday evening. Plus a whole lot of parties happened in private houses.  (and not a mask to be seen)

In other words, a normal Saturday night in Chicago’s South Side.

The mayor, of course, is PISSED that people are ignoring her. The cops are, effectively, helpless as they have conflicting orders….Citing people, handing out fines, is not a deterrent and they know that ignoring those fines won’t be enforced. And they really neither have the ability, nor want to, take hundreds of people to jail.

Guess what, Mayor Lightfoot: your “rule” only works when people are willing to comply. When hundreds, maybe thousands, choose not to, you got nuthin’.

An, of course, this is a large part of the reason that the Coronavirus is “affecting people of color disproportianately”. Other ethnic groups are (more or less) complying with the Social Distancing order…not so much that disproportionately affected segment of the population.

Of course, 7 people got shot in some of those parties, but that is expected on a Saturday night in the South Side.

(*Because Fuck You That’s Why) And Yes, I stole it from Phil

**One wonders how they can afford such nice dress and buy the liquor since we are told they are all poor to the point of poverty and all that….

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  1. Laws and authority can only go so far in protecting people from themselves.


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