And yet they never mention mosques

The Chicago Media is pushing the fact that attending churches exposes the attendees to an easy vector for Coronavirus. They are actively discouraging the public from attending church services.

The City has already done all it can do to inhibit church services. 

Yet, oddly, there is no such discouragement of mosque attendance. Never has been all through this “crisis”. Either it was (and is) a political “third rail” or the city administration doesn’t care if the muslims pass Covid-19 to each other.

Or they know that the risk is low, and they simply don’t think the political fallout is worth the hassle they would get from Muslims and their organizations….whereas the Christians won’t threaten to do scary things or scream loudly about “discrimination” and garner bad press.

(It would be interesting to see what the infection rate is for the mosque attendees, compared to those folks who did not attend church)

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