Supply Situation Report

Went to help a friend yesterday, (yes, we “social distanced” outside) and stopped in to the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things.

Lots of fresh veggies
Lots of milk
Lots of eggs.
Lots of cheese
Lots of lunchmeat.

Fresh fish counter had lots of stuff and all of it was on sale.

Meat at ~70%
Bread shelves at ~ 30%
Chips at~50%
Cookies at ~50%
Canned goods at~70%
Pasta at ~30%
Rice nonexistant
Wheat flour shelves completely empty
TP, some, not much

Sugar maybe 10%
Pop/soda at ~70%

Half the folks wore masks, everyone was pleasant but staying apart.

North West Indiana 4/5/20.

How are things in your area?

One thought on “Supply Situation Report

  1. I went shopping last Friday. A measured-pace line to get in, with a friendly (non-masked) employee keeping track. A person came out, another could come in. A different store a few days prior had an employee wiping down carts.

    The only real shortages I saw were in the soups, cleaning supplies, paper goods (still?), and pasta – which I was told was because they're just not receiving any. Most everything else was full up.

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