So people are lining up for HOURS in their cars to get food from food banks.

The videos I see show most folks in the lines are driving fairly new cars.

This, needing food handouts, after a month with no work.

This, to me, says something about their lifestyle that they are in dire straights after only month with no pay income. Cant feed themselves after only a month or so. So apparently nos savings at all
Living on the edge, as it were.

Plus, one would think that if they are out of work, they’d be getting unemployment.

Or it possibly could be that they are just bored, I dunno. 

3 thoughts on “Sad.

  1. Some people just like to stand in line. Don't understand it myself, but I suspect it is a real thing.

  2. The Thanksgiving Turkey never has more proof of the benevolence of the universe and farmers than they do the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    You can't fix "stupid".

  3. Uncle Sam is giving away $600 per person each week to people on unemployment. Daughter with both will make more than her job. So hard to believe that they didn't have enough food and cash to last 30 day. PPP in effect.

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