Izzit any wonder they have so many cases in NYC?

Check out this report on the subway crowding there.

“Social Distancing” my ass.

Busses and the El trains in Chicago are nearly as bad.

Until they shut down or greatly modify the way people use the public transportation, this won’t go away in cities. Might be somewhat mitigated if everyone started wearing masks.

3 thoughts on “Izzit any wonder they have so many cases in NYC?

  1. I've been pointing this out to people since the beginning. Mass transit is still running, carrying the bug from town to town. Truckers are still carrying cargo… and the bug… from state to state. People are funneling through supermarkets, all at the same time, due to product shortages.

    IF this thing was REALLY as bad as it was drawn to be, and IF d'gumeyent REALLY wanted to stop it, a short, total shutdown would have stopped it in its tracks. Instead, there were so many screen doors on the submarine, it just kept spreading.

    …This whole thing has been REALLY hard to believe…

  2. If you shut down trucking, you WILL have the apocalypse… And riots in the big cities in a heartbeat.

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