Have ya noticed?

New York has been “running out of hospital beds for Coronavirus patients” for over a week and a half now.

And they have been “nearly out of Facemasks (and other PPE)” for over a 2 weeks now.

Now, today, CBS reports that New York is “Nearly out of Respirators” for yet another day.

I’m trying to figure out how it is that they can be “nearly” out of all of these things for weeks. yet never run out.

One can ship masks in, and can import respirators, I guess, but at some point “Nearly” out of beds becomes out of beds.

For me, the Hype from the media and the politicians is beginning to become threadbare.

One thought on “Have ya noticed?

  1. This whole situation is so convoluted. You read various takes from "It's The Flu" to "It's Stephen King's The Stand". I still don't know what to believe or what's coming. I don't think anyone does.

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