Seems that (locally, at least) WalMart is finally limiting the numbers of people in the store, and actually acting like there is a health crisis instead of Business as Usual.

No more than 5 people per thousand square feet.

‘Cause everyone needs to shop for cheap chinese goods. Clothing, footballs, and cheap electronics.
The food at the SuperWalmart grocery section I can understand….But the rest?

Odd how no one ever questioned the people at Walmart considering the “lockdown” orders, innit? 

4 thoughts on “Finally:

  1. I noticed at Wal Mart the other day they no longer have their entrances open as usual. Outside they've lined and tied a bunch of shopping carts tied together forming a "single-file path" entry point. Of course, people entering were at best 3 feet apart from each other.

    Inside the store, the 6-feet social distancing was rarely practiced.

    You ever get the feeling we're a huge laboratory and just a bunch of mice running around a maze? šŸ˜€

  2. They're pretty much enforcing the social distancing here. And a single entrance in use.

  3. So what if I need new jeans or a trash can or want to buy my kid a video game because he is bored to death?it is bad enough the government is dictating what stores can be open. Do they need to tell us how to spend our money at the ones left open too?

    That is exactly what Kokomo, IN is doing. It sounds like what you are supporting.

    We might as well set up government stores where a bureaucrat decides what we all can buy and the sheep line up to get the weekly allowance of bread, meat, and toilet paper a la the USSR.

    Iā€™m already in the store getting milk. What difference does it make if I also buy my granddaughter an Easter Basket or birthday present?

    What next? Are we going to decide what is essential? Hamburger, Ok. Dr. Pepper no. Canned corn. Check. Ice Cream, sorry?

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