Does anyone else

See a parallel between the ads and the community sacrifice happening today and the same sort of ads (only print instead of video) and the community sacrifice that happened during World War 2?

I mean, the ads are now running showing people “donating PPE” to hospitals….Donating MONEY to hospitals….sacrificing for the good of the nation. (yes, I actually heard those words on CBS). All of this accompanied by video of people hugging folks donating such items.

The parallels are clear. Along with the oft repeated slogan “We are all in this together”.

While the Covid-19 virus IS a dangerous disease, causing a pandemic that rivals (or possibly slightly exceeds) the severity of any of our past flu outbreaks (except, perhaps, the “Spanish Flu”) there is a great deal of Social Engineering taking place here. People have been led into panic, have been conditioned from the beginning to accept barely Constitutional “Stay at home” orders, first told NOT to wear masks, then, when told TO wear masks, they jumped into that wholeheartedly…to the point that it is now a fashion.…..Now the “We are All In This TOGETHER” message…..Odd.

I’m not sure who is engineering the Social Message…but it isn’t random. Someone is managing this. Probably the same folks who ginned up the unreasonable fear from this disease in the first place.

I find it scary that whoever is engineering this message (and lets face it, LOTS of companies are putting their name on the message, and I find it odd that the message is the same, from many different companies….) is working so closely to the same propaganda map that was used for WWII….and that it is working so well. The enemy is, of course, not the Germans nor the Dirty Japs, but a disease…..But the parallels are, frankly, frightening when it comes to the Social Conditioning aspects. 

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  1. Anyone who's read "1984" knows EXACTLY what this is about, and yes, it's scary!

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