(Yet another) Question:

People are (mostly) complying with the “Shelter in place” request from our State governments.

These precautions are…inconvenient for most of us, but not unreasonable. Social Distancing, greater awareness of handwashing, all are good things, reasonable precautions…. things we likely should do every cold and flu season. Now that we have this additional disease, we should all take precautions to not spread this and other diseases, despite the inconvenience….

To a point…..

At what point will we decide, when the tens of thousands of cases of CoronaVirus DON’T appear at the hospitals, when the health care system ISN’T overwhelmed, when the inconvenience stretches for weeks (or months)…when folks can’t pay their rent, their car payments…..When the economy in which they live is destroyed around them….when will they say “Ok, this has gone too far”.

The infection rates of this virus don’t appear to be even as high as the “Swine Flu”/H1N1 of 11 years past. Yet the reaction by our government is greatly more….in fact, it is bordering outrageous and over the top. (I think they are doing what they can to emphasize the stats to scare us, actually)

Effectively holding people prisoner in their homes? Closing restaurants and stores? Putting hundreds of thousands (or more) out of work?  Effectively destroying our economy? Over the fear that this virus, with a rate of sickness that is lower than the “Normal” seasonal flu, with a rate of death that is near to or lower than the Swine Flu of years ago, that this “MIGHT” grow greater?

At what point will enough be enough?

What happens then?

Especially since we are probably “Flattening the wrong Curve”

Plus there’s this:

Now part of this may simply be the testing…what percentage of the population gets tested vs deaths.
But there may be a LOT more to why Italy is approaching 3 times the rate of the US or Australia or even Japan. And it appears that the Italians have pretty poor health care facilities…and even there, the rates are still actually pretty low…

Either way, at what cost are these precautions?

(Note: These precautions MIGHT be valid,…if the federal government knows something about the virus that they are’t telling us….But so far, this whole debacle looks to be a terrible overreaction.

Then again, at moments here and there, I can’t help but wonder if those tin-foil hatted folks might not have a point that there is something more sinister to this….Some sort of “economic reset” type thing and the Wu-Flu is just a convenient vehicle to make it happen….That explanation would, perhaps, explain Trumps performance the other night when he made his wooden speech to all the American People……)

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  1. It looks like the Italians are chalking all deaths that might be Corona (but which might be something else, or a combination) up to Corona. Blaming the new virus makes the statistics for everything else look better.

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