Someone has a brain

Indianapolis 500 is rescheduled.

‘Cause having 235,000 people in (more or less) one place in the next few weeks is probably a REALLY bad idea.

Plus, let’s face it, having all those folks travel, be it by air or auto, then packed into motels restaurants and bars, then at the parking areas waiting on the shuttles, then in lines, then back to the motels, restaurants and bars, then the travel home…..It would be a mass infection event.

Prudent precaution there.

If only our Federal government had been that prudent in January…..

3 thoughts on “Someone has a brain

  1. Maybe a smart move, maybe not. This may all be over by the end of May. Re the .gov reaction, once again people jump at a way to 'blame' the administration. Where were the LOCAL governments, STATE governments in Jan? What had they done??? Anybody with any sense knows .gov takes 30-45 days minimum to spool up regardless of who is in charge…

  2. How hard would it have been to quarantine people coming from CHina though?

  3. When Trump put restrictions on people coming from China in January he was called a racist and the Atty. General held a news conference right before St. Pat's day telling New Yorker's that the virus was a non-starter and go party and she would see them at the parade. Not sure how Trump and the CDC could have been clearer. I took notice and did stock up on items that were low.

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