Panic buying

Not a lot here, but I was out shopping yesterday, and there is no 91% Isopropyl at either of the larg(ish) stores I visited, nor at the CVS I stopped at. Lots of 70% though.

No Aloe or toher such items to be had.

Hand sanitizer shelves were, of course, bare.

Not too many other shortages. Lots of Toilet Paper on the shelves.

So far.

And people were not crazed. Yet.

When I have to arm up to get a few sheets of Charmin, however, I think I am gonna stay home. 

4 thoughts on “Panic buying

  1. So far we have managed to survive the rush on toilet paper around here too.
    The wife does the shopping but I am going to spend a little time poking around to see what I can see.
    She is apparently incapable of looking farther down the road than one week at a time.
    Drives me crazy.

  2. Thursday was my monthly shopping at Sam's and not a roll of TP to be found. Shelves full except for that. But went to wally world yesterday an got the last 2 12 packs of TP. Not many bare spots but the store at noon was packed and most people had full carts. So I'm set for the next 3 months come what may.

  3. 90% is the wrong solution for killing bugs. the alcohol won't penetrate the exoskeleton without an oxygen molecule binder, which I gets from water. 70% is what you want.

  4. Riverrider:

    Yes, you are correct. But the 91: is more easily diluted to the best level of about 60-65%. Pretty much the same price too.

    I'm stocked, and have been for years. This ain't my first rodeo, and I plan on such supply/demand disruptions of things like this (and ammo, and food, and TP and such).

    People forget that the best defense in handwashing….simple soap and water.
    Or, if you are really worried, dilute bleach solution (I stock that plus pool chlorine too).

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