Now, I’ve been wrong before….

And, while I am not an epidemiologist, I did sleep with one once (she was sweet, and …well, that’s not the point of this post) Any way, I digress…

Her’s the thing. The US has now had at least one death from Coronavirus, and has (admitted) at this time, something like 14 known cases.,,,,at least some where we don’t know how they were infected.

Ok, so lets look at this. At least ONE person was infecting people not less than 10 or more days ago…..Likely more like 20-25 days.
The Virus is already here. It HAS BEEN here for at least 14 days,. Someone unknown is (or WAS) spreading said virus for at least 14 days…probably more.

The time for quarantining people entering is too late. The time for keeping people out of the US who were risky (or had risk factors) is long gone.

As of now there are cases in Europe, most of the East, and (apparently) Australia and the MidEast. I don’t know about South America. Unless you stop all air travel, if it isn’t yet in a large city it will be soon.

The Genie is out of the bottle, the cat is out of the bag, the Smoke has left the Lucas Wiring. No putting it back.

Is this a crisis? Yep. Would it be prudent to do a bit of preparation if you haven’t? Yes. Should we panic and run around with our hair on fire? No (unless that makes you feel better, then feel free, just do it in your own home and not in the streets). City folks are at a higher risk than Rural folks (more people more close interactions, more people per square foot, etc, but the risk even in smaller communities  is NOT zero.

What you do need to realize is that the CDC’s effort to keep you safe is-and-was ineffective, poorly thought out, and pretty much useless.

Just remember that Flu kills more people each year than this Coronavirus is likely to.

And also: So far, my experimentation with C2H5OH has been effective….I haven’t gotten the flu nor the Coronavirus. You might want to go to your local liquor vendor and stock up, just in case…..