Liberals absolutely always think the worst

of Trump.

I got a bet 2:11 with a liberal sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome that he is gonna announce the cancellation of elections due to Coronavirus.

These folks really think that:

A. He would even make that attempt
B. That the courts (and his own supporters…those “despicable” folks who cling to their GUNS and religion) would allow him to do so….
C. Like he’d even try this early on even if he wanted to.

But these rabid haters of Trump really believe that he will try and that is what he’s gonna announce.

I’m gonna enjoy having dinner (I think a steak) on that 110 bucks when I win ’cause he doesn’t cancel the elections

2 thoughts on “Liberals absolutely always think the worst

  1. Lib-Tards and Moon-Bats are all equal to flat earther nutters and anti-vax nut jobs…

  2. Liberals are also notorious liars, see the book "SJWs Always Lie".
    You probably won't see a dime of that $110 because he/she'll welch on the bet.

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