I’m thinking an article 4 issue:

Seems that Dare County NC has blockaded their borders.

Unless they have declared a public emergency, which at this time has not been done, then they are in violation of even North Carolina law.

Here’s the relevant statute:

I would think that someone with standing will sue them. As I have no reason to go to the Outer Banks at this time, this does not affect me.

But apparently one must have the proper papers to trave, there.

Police State. anyone?

I would think that there will be more of this. Foolish, perhaps, but I expect that there are small, tiny minded, fearful, tinpot dictatorial people in lots of places.

Found via Kenny

ETA: I am Not an Attorney….anyone that is one care to give an opinion? 

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  1. Apparently the Realty companies, to take advantage of school closings, have encouraged families to come and visit. I guess Dare County officials thought, "Oh, hell no". This is what sparked the "closure".

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