Have you noticed?

Media and large corporations are now prefacing the explanations of their actions, be they closings, staff reductions, changes in policy or other actions they are taking regarding the corona virus with the words

in an overabundance of caution….”

Methinks they are now realizing that this will be an overblown “Crisis” and they are hedging their bets so they can explain why they are taking actions that might be looked at askance later.

This is a crisis. The potential is there for a great deal of deaths. It was there in 2009 for the Swine Flu pandemic but that was a fizzle.

The “Social Distancing” isn’t a bad idea. The emphasis on personal hygiene…handwashing and/or hand sanitizer use is a great idea (but then it is every cold and flu season). Closing schools? Probably. Closings of restaurants? Probably overkill, but done in “an overabundance of caution” Same same bars. Nightclubs movie theaters and other large gatherings? Probably a good idea. closing places where large groups of people could be in close proximity to one infected person are great vectors for fast spread  isn’t a bad idea at any time when there is an easily communicable disease…in other words EVERY cold and Flu season….

I find it telling that they are prefacing their actions with those words. Methinks that people and governments are beginning to think that they are possibly overreacting and are trying to make sure they have an out when/if this fizzles.