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Since we have the example of Italy for how this Covid-19 is spreading (and the rate of the spread and some of the transmission vectors), Why is OUR government choosing to essentially do nothing?

I mean, I accept that there is only so much that they can do, and unless we are willing to accept travel restrictions and such for the next 30 days (with the economic fallout) there is a limited amount of preventative measure that can be taken, but still…

Why are we still allowing entry into the country without a quarantine for 21-30 days? Why aren’t we defending our borders to prevent additional cases from entering? What is here is here, and I accept that we will have to deal with that. Bringing in (possible) additional carriers seems to be foolish, however.

Or am I missing something? 

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  1. I asked the same of California's "governor" Newsom. He refused entry to a cruise ship because someone on board MIGHT have COVID-19, and yet he OPENLY, GLADLY, DAILY welcomes illegal aliens into the state with WHATEVER diseases, WHATEVER drugs, WHATEVER criminal records, and WHATEVER gang/cartel affiliations they have. He can't see the analogy here… He's a retard…

    Immigration laws are in place for a reason. This isn't America's first rodeo with disease… Ellis Island wasn't just a processing center. It was a QUARANTINE!

  2. B, there is a conspiracy theory going on amongst folks I talk to in person. I've heard it from multiple people I know who do not know each other. Doesn't make it true, but it does make me wonder.

    Us old folks are a drag on society, sayeth the younger folks and our own governments, if only in so many words. We suck up a lot of benefits and cost a lot in medical care. Plus we're Bogarting all that wealth that they surely know how to put to better use.

    Wuflu seems to hit people 60+ very hard, especially if co-morbidities are involved. Depending on the medical care available, death rates are scary. See the care home in WA state for specifics.

    There is constant speculation that this bug is either bio-engineered or part of a bio-engineering effort of another, more deadly bug. This seems to be getting hushed up.

    What if this thing is something that was engineered to go after old people? How many governments the world over would, very quietly, breathe a sigh of relief if 50% of the population over 60 died? How much wealth would be transferred (and taxed)? It would open up certain countries (looking at Japan) to "resettlement" by people who have not been able to get in, ever.

    It fits in with why many governments are refusing to test unless some BS, stringent requirements that you have been to "effected geographic areas", are present. My home state of NC is still doing that crap. https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/public-health/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-response-north-carolina/testing-covid-19 This lack of testing allows the virus to spread asymptomatically for as much as 4 weeks, though usually 7-14 days, still enough to encourage the spread *everywhere*.

    If nothing else, this would make a hell of a book.

  3. Welp, Cuomo IS putting a quarantine in place with NYNG… Be interesting to see how that works out. And if they did anything on the borders, they would get sued for 'preventing legal entry' of all those poor migrants… sigh Commons sense is the best prevention, and I think .gov has enough faith in the population to allow them to use common sense.

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