“Distance Learning”

So either the kids in high school (and lower grades also) are getting a less than stellar education for the next month or so, as schools are closed and the “alternate curriculum” is enacted, or we are learning that we really don’t need to have all those teachers and school facilities wasting our tax dollars in an attempt to teach kids in the old fashioned way.

I mean, if these kids are learning just as much doing the “Distance Learning”, then why do we need classrooms and such???For that matter, do we need all those teachers as well?

Or, are the kids getting a substandard level of education and the teachers are, in fact, needed and the kids are simply not getting an education to the same standard as before, and how much effect will that have on them in the future?

Are they gonna extend the time for school attendance into the summer months to make up for this time or are they simply gonna give up and let that portion of the curriculum go and let the kids have gaps in their education?

Do we really need teachers and classrooms anymore or not?

Thus far, no one has addressed this issue . But I think someone should.

Make no mistake, I think that the school closures can help prevent the transmission of disease, assuming kids are not passing it anyway in their social interactions during the time that they have off from school….If they stay home and don’t wander the streets, then this can work. If they don’t, then likely this is a waste of time…..and education.