Christ on roller skates

So it is bad enough that the “Social Distancing” has caused the NASCAR race to be cancelled in an “Overabundance of Caution”…

But they were showing the 1986 Richmond 400….Which was kinda entertaining…seeing the older cars (back when they were really “stock” cars) and the terrible resolution of the then state of the art TV cameras…

But then the Governor of Illinois pre-empts the channel to bloviate about the efforts to….something and the fact that something else was being done and blah blah BLAHBLAH BLAH. and then he talked about AMAIRHGHROEWNBSXDS and then some other person came up and spent 5 minutes saying nothing about MLKJFFAJDP{WQNF and then the Governor came back and discussed the fforts in reducing the alkfjads;kfja;kfjalskf.

thank god they are done. So much hot air wasted to say essentially nothing that has not already been said about a (apparently, it appears) non emergency disease “outbreak”.

I think he is just trying to get as much camera time as possible.

Thank god I didn’t miss much of the race rerun.

One thought on “Christ on roller skates

  1. Sigh… Face time IS their goal, gotta get those donations up!

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