Census tips

At least for the online version:

(I got my census the other day and did the online entering).

told ’em two people live here.

One male and one female.

The website kept trying for more info but if you keep hitting “enter” it eventually moves to the next page.

Fuck ’em they don’t need to know about my hispanic heritage.

They don’t need to know my age.

Nor the amount of money that I make
Nor anything else that their questions asked.

Legally, I gave ’em the answers that the Constitution demands. Anything else is not legal, no matter what they say.

2 adults, one male, one female. Unless they are gonna start counting black and Hispanic folks as 3/5 again or something, it shouldn’t matter. Despite the scary warnings, I don’t think they are gonna prosecute me because I chose not to tell them my income, nor my shoe size, nor the size of anything else (Ahem, Large, Ahem), how many cars I own, etc.

So if you get the online version, just hit enter a few times and it sill go to the next question.
At least it did for me.

2 thoughts on “Census tips

  1. My white race was listed as "shaddup"

    Fuck all if it even matters who is who.

  2. For the race question I answered American. I can go back for more than 5 generations.

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