At least we won’t have to watch those irritating commercials:

So Mike Bloomberg didn’t Get It Done.

He dropped out. Apparently his lack of Charisma and his disdain for anyone not from New Yawk and who wasn’t in the Information Technology business got to the voters.

As I said, we don’t have to have our lives disturbed by those irritating commercials of his.

And what have we learned? Gobs and Gobs of greebacks won’t buy an election outside of New York. 

3 thoughts on “At least we won’t have to watch those irritating commercials:

  1. The beauty of not watching television – I can honestly claim that I never saw a single Bloomberg commercial. I do admit though, to having a bit of "trainwreck curiousity".

  2. Personally, I was wondering just how much Bloomboob's money could buy. My stance is that if a candidate's personality sucks, all the money in the world isn't going to buy the election, and that seems to be the way things played out. Despite all his faults, Trump's base LOVES him. Bloomboob might have been able to argue economics with Trump, but he would never have been able to buy the grassroots support Trump enjoys. Good riddance, Little Mikey…

  3. Dave: I don't watch much TV, but he was all over YouTube and every other site.

    Plus the radio.

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