At 5:30 in the morning that would likely be my greeting as well:

Seems that some folks from Black Lives Matter chose to protest at the local LA District Attorney (forget the fact that they could get them organized and UP at 5: 30 AM….)

Banging on the front door and generally being rowdy got them a door opened and a gun in their face:

“Get Off My Porch”

And there you go:

They came trying to intimidate. And it worked.
And that is the response you get from a man who is intimidated and is prepared to defend himself and his family from a rowdy, unruly crowd.
“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”…

If a crowd forms at 5:30 AM outside of your house, they aren’t there to be nice….they are there to intimidate and frighten the occupants. They are looking for trouble.

And they found it. Lucky for them that they were smart enough, and HE was restrained enough to let things de-escalate.

They claim they were there for the “Promised Community Meeting”.

5:30 AM: Really?

After 8 AM and before 9 AM. Or you are looking for trouble.
They found it.

If he’d have shot 2 or three of them I still don’t think I could convict were I on his jury.

3 thoughts on “At 5:30 in the morning that would likely be my greeting as well:

  1. Unfortunately, the DA later apologized for her husband's behavior…

  2. @ Peteforester
    Yes, that is kind of disappointing.

    Are you a forester? My Dad was a forester. I'm a marine biologist, same thing, just a different resource. Our family name translates to "purchaser of forest" in Polish. Turns out there's a village (more like an intersection in roads in the country) named "Kupilas". And my Dad's last big property was a cattle ranch with timber lands on it, that he selectively harvested.
    Sorry for the digression.

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