An old saying:

“Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered”

The DNC types (and, lets face it some RNC types as well) tried to load up the bailout bill with a whole shitload of pork for their pet projects in order to advance their chosen philosophy…

and, had they chosen one or two items, it might be that they had gotten their wishes, and the fight to remove those items would not have been worth the fight or political capital….and they’d have likely gotten that funding for some of their pet projects.

As it was, they loaded so much Pork onto the Stimulus Bill, that it WAS worth the effort to get it removed…

And in doing so, the victory by Trump damaged their cause and their standing with the American People badly.
It backfired.

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  1. Your post about China (that has since disapeared) prompted me to put up a post as well.

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