Airport control towers:

Midway (MDW) and Las Vegas (LAS) control towers had personnel who tested positive for Covid-19.

The towers have been closed since late March 17.

Now, I can understand closing the towers for cleaning.

But one might think that they would be able to clean and disinfect the spaces in a few hours. Bleach and water, soap and water, disinfecting wipes, or even alcohol. I’ve been in the MDW tower, and it isn’t that large that it could not be sanitized by 2 or three people in an hour or so. And I mean wiped down, not just sprayed down.

One would think they’d have been able to do it three or 4 times by now.


I’m tempted to fly there  (MDW, not LAS) while the tower is closed just so I can say I did it without being cleared to land…..