“Aced” it.

As to why a lot of people (myself included) are not taking the “Panic! (Don’t panic) news about the CoronaVirus as seriously as the powers that govern us might like us to.

Apocalypse Fatigue

(He fails to mention the Swine Flu, which was supposed to leave diseased corpses stacked up in the streets around the hospitals as overworked Doctors and Nurses fell from exhaustion trying to Save Us All….)

Look: I think this is serious. I think closing the schools and large-ish gatherings is not a bad idea. Greater emphasis on personal hygiene..handwashing, sanitizing yer hands, etc. is probably a good idea that we should practice most Clold and Flu seasons…or any time, really.
Closing the roads and “Shelter in Place? I dunno. But I’m not a doctor.

If they really believed the predictions they quote, then the larger cities would stop mass transport.

But at the end of it, they, (the Media and/or the Government) have cried wolf too many times. No one knows what to believe. Should we REALLY panic THIS TIME? Or will it end up being a nothingburger like the last 57 or more times they told us to panic?

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