“Women’s March”

So a bunch a women (and their emasculated male supporters) marched in Chicago today…

They wanted “Better access to Women’s Health Care” (free shit for those born with a vagina).

There was the expected ‘Trump Must Go”. signage.

They marched to “Support Women Everywhere”  and to “Empower” women (ever notice that most women use the term, but really can’t specify how their actions “Empower” anyone?

Altogether, this was a bunch of women marching…..just that, no real message, no focus, no real goal. Just because apparently a bunch of women need to get together and chant in shrill voices about how bad their role in life is.

I have yet to see them ever accomplish any change. 

One thought on ““Women’s March”

  1. Did they offer an opinion on women in utero?

    Or maybe it was a march for "free shit", but only for women exactly like me?

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