If the Governor of Virginia is forcing folks  to disarm in order to enter the area around the meeting, who would otherwise be legal to carry firearms for self protection….

and should something untoward happen (shootings, beatings, etc) what with the folks who are looking for trouble (and yes, they are on BOTH sides)…..

Can those who were attending for peaceful redress of grievances sue if they are injured or damaged?

I mean, after all, aren’t the Governor and his employees taking responsibility for the safety and security of those who are attending by disarming the attendees?

Enquiring minds and all that

But regardless, I can’t see where any good would come from attending. The Governor (and his cronies) isn’t gonna change is mind about trying to end run the Second Amendment, and being at the meeting and demonstration puts you at risk, not only of being identified as a “Gun guy” but also at risk for physical damage….Risk without any potential gain.