Let them who speak start it

So there’s a bunch of folks who are convinced that things got worse at Richmond, and that the only way to fix things is to start the fighting now.

Perhaps they are correct. I dunno. I don’t think so though.

They say the Soap Box has failed. Yes, it has.

They say the Ballot Box failed. Nope, the People of Virginia failed to bother. They got what they got because they failed to choose. They let 40% (yes FORTY PERCENT) of the voters choose. The other 60% stood by and did nothing….Didn’t bother to give their vote…and got shit on because they didn’t bother to vote.

Time for the Ammo Box? Perhaps. But that’s a step one should take only after careful consideration.
“Make haste Slowly”….Kinda hard to step back once that Box is opened.

The claims that the folks at Lobby Day in Richmond should have broken the barricades and stormed the building? Yeah, like that would have helped. Like the press would’t have spun that against the folks wanting their Second Amendment rights. Like that wouldn’t have given the Governor the excuse he needed to bring in police and arrest a bunch of folks…..

And I’ve noticed that all these folks who think that the Lobby Day and other such groupings ion solidarity should have turned out differently are always somewhere else. Yes, I too believe that it was a waste of time. I didn’t go, and I think that being there was ineffective. I don’t think that they should have started a civil war either. Once you go there it’s hard to unfuck the goat.

So all those folks that use terms like “Guncucks” and think that there should have been more “Civil Disobedience” and such are always Keyboard Commandos…..They are never willing to be on the front lines, They refer to  “Ghandi” and his protests….forgetting that tens of thousands of folks got beaten, crippled and some killed. And that those were PEACEFUL protests (on the part of the Indians, anyway). I don’t see these folks stepping up for their Hickory Shampoo. I don’t see them willing to be teargassed nor possibly shot. They expect someone else to do it.
Well boys, why don’t you stand up and act? I don’t really think you’ll accomplish much, and you certainly won’t do my side any good in the press nor the minds of legislators…But at least you will be identified as a troublemaker and you can get the “Boogaloo” you want.  So step on up and make it happen, boys.
Or shut up .
Get off my side. 

4 thoughts on “Let them who speak start it

  1. first, how are 800 cops going to arrest 25k citizens, armed citizens? second, it wasn't a waste. it showed US it could be done. that there are others willing to put it on the line, that there is hope. nothing has been signed into law yet. it would be inappropriate to go hot now anyway. we have to exhaust every lawful means first. I never thought for a second the lobby day event would change any power hungry democrat's mind, but it changed OUR minds and those of us on the fence about it. living in Va all my life with short exceptions for military duty, I can honestly say I've never seen people committed to an idea like this. man, woman, child, all united and ANGRY like I've never seen before….you can't blame us for the election entirely. we were surprised by the liberal turnout, heavily funded local tyrants, and the g.o.p. gave us the worst choice possible. they are stuck in the fifties, only putting up their cronies for statewide office, nobody new or exciting. its almost like they wanted to lose…a lot of things happen in late april. jus sayin.

  2. Yeah, but do you support those who think y'all should have gone violent, or occupied the state offices and threatened the legislators? (Hint: None of them were there).

    I applaud the fact that no one did anything stupid, no one started "The boogaloo". Read the last few paragraphs of my post. Those that would have had you do something other than the law abiding things you did were, of course, not present…..

    You did not, I think change anyone's mind about the laws. But the Media couldn't claim you were crazed Second Amendment types in camo, either. Good show.

  3. i absolutely agree they went about it in the correct way, this time. i live here. if things go kinetic, i will likely die in the fray, as will many of my loved ones. i sure as hell don't look forward to it, but my oath and my morals dictate that if it comes i be a part of it. god help us all.

  4. B, my understanding is that members of the VCDL did meet with legislators on the day of the rally inside the Pocahontas building. They even took pictures of the crowd from the offices of the delegates.


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