Huh, And all along I thought she was legit:

Seems that FaceBook has accidentally revealed that the FB accounts for Greta Thunberg actually belong to other people…

and that the content is entered and edited by (this is my shocked face) other people, specifically her Father and a Climate Activist in India…

Gee, desite the claims, anyone with more than 2 neurons to rub together could have figured that out on their own.

But she is still the Darling of the Media, even though she is a construct

2 thoughts on “Huh, And all along I thought she was legit:

  1. Yep, and I got banned from a mainstream news site for referring to her as "an autistic high school dropout sock puppet".

  2. Aspie AND autistic… All you have to do is watch an actual unscripted interview to watch her vapor lock…

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