And more holds today.

And they were good.

I suppose this is like learning to shoot with a rifle at longer ranges…

One must get comfortable enough that at some point things just “click”

Or learning to weld….you struggle to make an arc (and then make a decent bead) and then it just happens.

I dunno. But it seems to be happening for me finally. 

5 thoughts on “And more holds today.

  1. How sweet it is. But if you are like me, you should stop now. It clicked, you're at the pinnacle of performance. It will only get worse. lol

    But I do have to say, practicing holds in 35 kts and doing well is an accomplishment worthy of remembrance.

  2. That's good. Now practice it IFR, which is where you'll really be doing it in all probability.

  3. RE: 'under the hood'

    That another pilot, usually a CFI, is sitting next to you does little to prepare one for when they go solo into the clag, especially at night. Even what turns out to be a benign flight in IMC can be quite disconcerting. The fact is, the 'realism' of simulation is hardly a comparison with real world – the struggle in simulation is to make it mimic reality as much as possible. As such, it always falls short.

    The CFI next to you is but a woeful introduction to the IFR world. Always in the back of the mind is the notion that they will keep you from harm. The true test is not with the examiner but every flight in inclement weather when solo or especially with passengers. Oh, I shouldn't even mention 'realistic distractions'. lol

    I'm not saying anything new or that which a pilot does not already know. I am saying what Old NFO's comment really means, at least to me.

    To show that I'm not entirely deplorable, I will say that all you've said of your IFR training is exactly reminiscent of what countless other pilots have said. IOW, your progress is at least on par if not better than average.

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